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These are random tables for tabletop roleplaying games. They're meant to be grim treats for a dying world. We personally use them in D&D, MÖRK BORG, and Pathfinder.

If you're a GM, you can use these tables to bring some fresh doom into your games. As GMs ourselves, we find a little randomness keeps us interested.

We intend to set a tone here. It might be right for your campaign; it might not. But either way, we're open to feedback.

Shorter tables are available for free. Becoming a patron on Patreon unlocks full versions of all tables, a mix of d66, d88, and d100 and early access to new content.

If you're already a Patron, you can click here to authorize your Patreon account and get full access. We appreciate the support.

-McGlintlock & CTRO, denizens of the glum dark