Storytelling & Worldbuilding
Bad Omens
Bad Places
Bad Places 2
Defining Life Events
Dubious Discoveries
Festivals and Holidays
Ignoble Ends
Incendiary Incidents
Inns and Taverns
Maritime Encounters
Odd Skills and Traits
Quest Seed Generator NEW
Reasons to Be Evil
Reasons to Leave the Shire
Travel Encounters
Travel Location Generator NEW
Wild Wild Weather NEW
Creatures & Characters
A Life in Three Acts NEW
Animal Oddities
Extremely Unexpected Creatures
Lost and Broken Demigods
Normal People
NPC Generator
NPC Name Generator NEW
Personal Mottos
Suspicious Strangers
Location Generators
A Cabin in the Woods
A Mysterious Tower
A Seaside Altar
A Sinister Sepulchre
Dour Dour Docks
Six Establishments in Squalor
Powers & Effects
Curses! Curses!
Double Deformity
Dumb Cantrips for Bad Wizards
Peculiar Potions NEW
Items & Artifacts
Abhorrent Artifacts
Arcane Artifacts
Books of the Damned
Does It Have a Name?
Rods, Staffs, and Wands
Spell Components NEW
Things Found in a Dungeon
Things Found in a Mage's Tower
Things Found in an Abandoned Mine
Things Found in an Alchemist's Lab
Things Found in a Rickety Shack
Things Found in a Tree
Things Found in the Pocket of a Stranger
Weird Weapons

Welcome to the pit.

Within these pages, you'll find loot tables, npc generators, monster generators, and random tables of events, traits and horrors for tabletop fantasy roleplaying games.

Glumdark is system-agnostic and thus works just as well for D&D 5e, MÖRK BORG, Pathfinder, or whatever system you prefer.

As a dungeon master, you may choose to punish your players with some fresh doom, or just amuse yourself with the joy of randomness. As a player, you can expand your backstory or seek inspiration for new adventures.

Shorter tables are available for free. Becoming a patron on Patreon unlocks full versions of all tables, a mix of d66, d88, and d100 and early access to new content. If you're already a Patron, you can click here to authorize your Patreon account and get full access. We appreciate the support.

And, if you're more in the mood for something with aliens and lasers, be sure to check out GLUMDARK SPACE for a heap of sci-fi glumness.

-McGlintlock & CTRO, denizens of the glum dark