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It came ambling down a dusty road alone...
It begins to rain a strange sticky, cold rain which penetrates your clothing. Without soon taking cover and drying your clothes, you'll begin to die from hypothermia.
A group of pyromaniacal raiders are burning a country cottage with the family still inside.
You pass through a very small village which is deathly quiet. From the windows of the homes, humans stare out at you silently. If investigated, you learn that they are corpses which have been propped up in the windows. Their killer is nearby.
A troll guards a bridge and charges the answer to a riddle. His invisible ally will rob the party as they attempt to solve the riddle. The riddle goes as follows: What gets lighter the longer it stands still?
An old man approaches you and offers to pay you a sack of gold to record an impression of your face with his magical recording machine. Anyone who agrees to the bargain will awaken the next day having aged several years.
An old haggard woman with blackened teeth and deep set red eyes is shambling down the road. She begs you to kill her but she won't say why. Once slain, the woman will return to life in the form of a beautiful young maiden and pass the curse to you. The next person to deal you a mortal blow will be passed the curse, but telling anyone the details of it will cause it to become permanent.
An inky black 8-foot tall monster appears gurgling horrific nonsense from between the trees. It turns out to be two children, beneath a black sheet, on each other's shoulders just looking for a laugh.
A thick quicksand covers the road. Pulling anyone from it will only cause them to be sucked in harder. Extreme heat or cold, however, will reverse the reaction and release the grip.
An old man approaches with a young child. He seems desperate and implores you to watch the child for a brief moment while he relieves himself in the woods. If you agree, he disappears and never comes back.
A white rabbit crosses the road in front of you. If you follow it deeply into the woods, you will become impossibly lost and see wild colorful visions. After a few days, you will find yourself back on the road.
You notice a bag with the word "gold" written on in it in several languages. It is hanging from a tree and suspended roughly 8 feet in the air. The area beneath the sack is trapped and will fall away to a deep spike pit. The sack is full of bones.
You come upon a beautiful pond which does not appear on your map. Swimming in it during the day will provide healing properties and feelings of immense joy. At night, tendrils reach from the pond's bottom and attempt to drown anything which enters.
A young boy and his huge red dog are fending off a pack of wolves.
Given a successful perception or presence check, the party begins to notice thick white webbing in the forest around them. If the party rests in this area, giant spiders will attempt to entomb them in webbing while they sleep. These webs can be easily defeated only with fire.
A mirrored orb falls down from the sky in front of you and shatters. If you painstakingly piece it back together, a process which could take days, the orb will emit a beautiful glowing light and grant you the ability to reroll a d20 once per day. Attempting to put the orb back together but failing to do so correctly will cause it to explode, potentially blinding you.
A black cat crosses the path in front of you. If you continue forward and walk directly over the path it took, a man in black will meet with you in the coming days and sell you a cursed item. Making any attempt at avoiding the cat's path will prevent this.
A heavily loaded wagon comes barreling down a perpendicular road to you. It is clearly completely out of control, with a father and son at the reins trying to control it. Cargo is flying everywhere, and the drivers are certain to suffer a horrific crash.
A traveling salesman is selling beautiful exotic birds which he claims bring good fortune and can be trained to talk and warn of danger. If purchased, the birds will fly off after a few days and return to the salesman.
You notice a bunch of round rocks subtly pointing towards a tree. If investigating the tree, roll a D6. On a one, you are bit by a squirrel. 2-6, roll on Things Found in a Tree table.
An old wizard crosses your path with a joke book and a spell book. If you can make him laugh, he'll add a joke to his book and teach you a useless spell.