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Even a small idea can yield enormous misery.
These quests are generated by a plot-mangling automaton.
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Subdue an invisible bird-creature, last seen in the Tilted Castle. It can only be killed when it is scared.
Take a trip with the messenger Daiwger Rockbird to the Creek of Slime. Help them to find what they seek: the Demon's Reliquary.
You awake imprisoned at the Great Settlement, with a single coin hidden in your cheek. You are roped to a chair in the center of a room so bright that you cannot see anything.
You meet an informant who is unfamiliar with your language. They want you to do some exploring for them. Head to the Meadow of No Return and see if you can find anything of value.
A devious rogue named Doust Thoma Panmockforth is planning to use their unquenchable rage to steal a valuable artifact. Kill them before they have the chance.
A murderous manhunter named Germar Boogaard is attempting to besmirch your legacy by doing evil things in your name. Deal with it.