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Even a small idea can yield enormous misery.
These quests are generated by a plot-mangling automaton.
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Accompany the shopkeeper Tia Malhotra around the Sands of Wizardry. Help them find what they seek: the blade known as Chain Buster.
You've heard stories of a crown that makes everyone feel calm but makes loud noises at inappropriate times. Go find it a fortnight's travel from the Caldera of Salt.
You awake imprisoned at the Shameful City, with a burning desire for vengeance. It is completely dark wherever you are.
A murderous manhunter named Patrika Horjak is stealing things from you one day and then silently replacing them the next. Deal with it.
You meet a poet who is just looking for coin. They want you to do some exploring for them. Head to the Crumbling Pond and see if you can find an ancient hidden village.
Guard the blacksmith Kaushan Taggarwal on their exploration of the Unearthly Hole.